When it comes to Italy, there’s no place that’s better on Earth than this country for a good documentary. It has an incredible history, great culture, traditions, delicious food and wine, the whole bunch. Documentary production in Italy is reliable, rightfully priced, and accessible to a broad array of projects of all sorts.

What to know about documentary production in Italy

The first thing you need to know about documentary production in Italy is that it is accessible. Being one of the more developed countries in Europe, Italy still is one rightfully priced place. Everything from filming permits to the logistical part of the production will not break your bank entirely. Some things are more expensive, one being internal flights, but you can take the train for example. Bottom line is, Italy is accessible for all production crews no matter their budget. If you do your homework right, you will surely enjoy Italy from this perspective.

Another thing you have to keep in mind about documentary production in Italy is, they love tourism there. And because of that, you will get to experience the popular attraction sites with many tourists along the way. Filming there on this matter can be truly challenging, so make sure you pick your hours right before you go in. Places like Venice, Milan, Naples, and Rome can be impossible to even walk on the street at noon. Let alone film a few scenes for your documentary. Again, schedule the filming accordingly, and you should be fine.

Finally, documentary making in Italy is all about those unique locations and experiences. When it comes to locations, there’s not another place where you’ll find so much beauty and history in the world. As far as experiences go, Italy is a world food destination, and the wine produced here deserves its own video story.

Italian marvels worth turning into documentaries

You might think Italy is all about Rome and a few other places, but that is very wrong. Yes, Italy is all about the Colosseum, the Canal Grande, and the fashion capital that is Milan, but then so much more. Documentary production in Italy, as with any place, is all about finding that marvel that is worthy of its documentary. One of them is Stromboli, a Sicilian island with its own active volcano and countless legends and myths. This place alone is ideal for a documentary on history and mysticism.

Another great place for a documentary is the university in Bologna. Weird at first but this building is the oldest school of this magnitude in Europe, and it looks up to par! This is not just education history, it goes back to the ages of legends themselves. Finally, another incredible sight worthy of a movie is Valle Dei Mulini In Sorrento. This place, abandoned now for more than 80 years, looks like a movie set. It’s the ideal place to see what the world would look like if humans would go extinct. Creepy!