Italy is the land of pizza, pasta, and ancient everything. If you’re looking for a city that’s an entire movie set, Rome is the destination for you. For anything else, having a film fixer in Italy for your next video project is the best idea you can have today. Here’s how to find the best fixer in this country.

How to secure a film fixer in Italy

How do you secure a film fixer in Italy comes down to needs. Your needs and the needs of the project are what matter here. Select the top five features of your movie production, and then make sure your fixer can go about them, should things go south. If they can handle most of the possible issues, like changing locations, finding extras and actors on the spot, changing gear and repairing equipment, and legalities, then that’s the person that’s right for you. If they can’t deal with the most important features of your production, then it’s time to find another candidate.

Another important thing to look after when you are searching for a film fixer in Italy is language and communication. Language in Italy is still a difficult subject, as a lot of people including professionals are not great English speakers. The last thing you want is for your fixer to not be able to speak fluent English with you and your crew. Speaking of talks, communication is crucial with a great fixer. If you and your fixer are not able to “click” in terms of communication, your collaboration is doomed to fail. Make sure you’re on the same page even before hiring them, and you should be fine.

Securing a film fixer in the land of pasta should not be an impossible trait. Find them in the large cities at the best video production companies, or online through freelancer sites. Make them the right offer, and the people who believe in your production will come working for you.

Why a film fixer is so important

A film fixer in Italy is a very important addition to your crew. The purpose of a local fixer in any country is to bridge the gap between your international crew and any local issues that might come about. When you’re filming something in a foreign country, a lot of things can and will go wrong. When this happens, and you need to talk to local authorities or change a location for filming, or anything else, a local fixer is your savior.

Fixers are by definition solvers of problems that can arise on or outside the set. This means a fixer will be able to help with equipment or actors going sick, for example, but also with transportation for a large number of people from one location to the next. This is why there’s no certain description for the job of a fixer. They’re great with everything around the set, and outside of it. They can manage, and if they do, you’re in great hands.