Italians will tell you that their country has got it all. And they’re not wrong. The former Roman empire is a must for filmmakers who’re into history, culture, nature, food and wine, social studies, economics, you name it. Media production in Italy is, therefore, a great idea regardless of the nature of your project.

Media production in Italy – how to do it perfectly

When talking about media production in Italy, the way to go for it is by planning it way in advance. Planning your shooting days, as well as logistics like booking stays for the crew, transport from one location to the other, or ground fixers, are all on your to-do list. This has to happen way before the actual shooting days. Why? Because as we know, Italy is a touristic country with millions visiting its many landmarks every month. If you want to shoot in St. Marks Square in Venice, for example, a movie permit has to be called for months in advance.

Logistically speaking, Italy is a medium-priced country with great services all across the board. Hiring staff, renting cameras, and other services is a breeze here, especially in the main cities like Rome, Milan, or Florence. Even in the countryside, there are smaller cities where you’ll find most of the things that you need. If you run into trouble, Italy’s incredible train system will get you into a large city and back, from wherever you are, in about 90 minutes on average. This makes the logistical part of your media production in Italy a much more laidback experience.

Finally, the actual shooting locations are important to be looked into way in advance. Most require special filming permits for your crew to be able to enjoy them. Do your homework well and see how much it costs and what’s the waiting time for your particular location of interest.

Top spots for filmmaking in Italy

Shooting in Italy is a blessing, with a country that’s been fortunate to have it all, from historic cities and landmarks to beaches and mountains. If you’re into history, Rome is there for you, the museum city that all roads lead to. If you’re into art, Florence is awaiting. With the many galleries and priceless pieces of art from the Reinassance. If you’re into fashion? Milan is right there for you, with impeccable sceneries for your series or documentaries.

Media production in Italy can also be about nature. Head into the Northern part of the country for the most dramatic backdrops of the Italian Alps, which will surely leave you breathless. Or go to the shores in the West, mainly to Cinque Terre, or the Amalfi Coast, for some incredible sceneries of surreal coastal cities. They look like they’re about to fall right into the sea, but they’re there to prove the Italian beauty, as they were for centuries. Regardless of where you’ll be pointing your camera at, Italy is going to deliver!