Famous all over the world for its history, friendly people, and amazing food, Italy is a great destination for many video productions. Hiring your very own production assistant in Italy is a great idea, as this person will know about all of the hidden spots that should make it in your film or documentary.

Production assistant in Italy and their secret locations

The best way to uncover the hidden secrets of this country is by hiring a production assistant in Italy. The assistant will fill you in on some unique locations for filming, regardless of your interests. You won’t just keep your production in line with the others, filming in places like Rome, Venice, Milan, or Naples, but get away from the regular circuit of things and into the unknown. From our perspective, there are some incredible sights in Italy that few people know about.

Starting with Bogliasco, a small city in the region of Genova, famous for its incredible sea and coastline. If your production is about beautiful coastal towns and incredible culture, this is the spot for you away from the touristy crowds that you’d encounter at Cinque Terre or the Amalfi coast. Another place is Saturnia, a place that’s becoming somewhat popular but is still away from the touristic grid. With its incredible springs offering a unique scenery, this is the ideal spot for many types of video productions.

Your production assistant in Italy will also tell you about amazing places. Burano is the lesser-known producer of lace products in the Venetian lagoon. Alberobello is great with its cone-shaped roofs. Castelmezzano is the most beautiful village in Northern Italy. Martina Franca in Puglia, has a dramatic central square and is the birthplace of F1 driver Antonio Giovinazzi. The list could go on forever, but we’ll resume to these few ones.

What’s it like filming in Italy

Fortunately, Italy is a very welcoming country when it comes to filming crews and productions of the highest levels. Movies like Casino Royale, The Godfather series, or The Pink Panther were all shot in the superb European country. Your production assistant in Italy will help you with all of the necessary paperwork so that you can have a great experience while filming in the country of pasta, gelato, and pizza. And then more gelato! Filming in Italy is fun and relaxed because the people of this country are fun and relaxed.

Getting some local workers for your crew, assistants and fixers, is a great way to start with your logistics, accommodation, transportation, and so on. And while you’re at it, having Italians in your crew will prove to be a great idea. Especially after filming hours, as these people truly know how to party and wind down after a day on the set. Throwing huge dinners with delicious food and even more delicious wine on a Tuesday night needs no anterior motive for Italians. Trust them with your parties, and you won’t regret it!