Famous for its many pasta and pizza, and of course gelato, Italy is a must for any video producer no matter its domain. Why should you hire a production coordinator in Italy? Because the benefits you get from such a move are way higher than the price you’ll pay.

Why hire a production coordinator in Italy

Why should you hire a production coordinator in Italy? There are many reasons for this, including language barriers and local traditions, so to speak. The main reason is, a local will be much more familiar with the way locals do things. Italians have a language of their own that transcends words. They speak with their faces, hands, and even legs. The way they meet and interact is a pleasure to see, and as an outsider, it’s impossible to grasp what they’re actually doing. An Italian manager to your production will be able to easily “translate” the language of your local filming crew. Or any other person you might need around the set.

A great production coordinator in Italy will also be familiar with the legislation surrounding the filming. Permits, as well as things like blocking traffic for shooting in large areas of the main cities, are all technicalities a local will deal better with than a foreigner. Coordinators know what to ask for and where, when it comes to shooting in a certain area, or pointing your cameras at some ancient relics and wonders. It’s a great person to have in your team, thus avoiding any penalties or hefty fines from the police.

Finally, you should hire a coordinator for your production in Italy because of their experience. Italian producers know best what’s there to be shot in their country, as it naturally should be. They will get you closer to the hidden gems you’ve been looking for.

Top places to shoot in Italy

Speaking of hidden gems and filming locations, Italy is not just about Rome or Venice. Sure, these locations are to be included in your itinerary, as they’re just stunning. But a talented production coordinator in Italy will also come with some more hidden places for where to shoot your film, documentary, or TV series. Three such places are Alberobello, the town with the cone-shaped roofs in Puglia, Bergamo, the medieval town of Lombardy, or Treviso, the wonder of Veneto that’s not Venice.

Many others are the places where you should go and film in Italy, not just in the cities of the country. Italy is famous for enveloping all forms of natural wonders. Mountains in the North are varied and tall, offering superb views down the slopes. The sea goes all around the peninsula, offering spectacular beaches, caves, and islands. And surely, let’s not forget about the hundreds, literally hundreds of small ancient towns scattered all around the country. Here, you’ll find traditions kept for generations, divine foods, and drinks that will make your production so much more exciting!