What do The Godfather (1972), The English Patient (1996), or Wonder Woman (2017) have in common? Worldwide fame, for starters. And several stunning backdrops, all found in one Mediterranean country. These aspects create expectations for easy access to top production services in Italy. Yet how about the world’s oldest film festival?

From Prestigious Festivals To Exquisite Production Services In Italy

There is so much that filmmakers can love about Italy. And it is not all about the romantic cityscapes or gorgeous islands. This truly cinematic destination has a glorious past. And that extends to the film industry too. While the first known Italian film dates back to 1896, the country has a lot more pages written in history. Keeping that in mind, top production services in Italy are a given.

It is here where the oldest film festival in the world happens. The Venice International Film Festival attracts both filmmakers and film lovers since 1932. Top producers compete yearly for the coveted Golden Lion award.

The Salento Film Festival focuses more on current topics like peace. It features categories like world cinema, independent Italian cinema, plus several special sections. This version of the festival takes place in September, but there is also a June edition. The Salento Fear Fest is more dedicated to scary movies.

Milano Film Fest comes right after the Venice festival. It has categories for short films and feature films. The Rome Film Fest includes international film premieres. Besides these, it also covers the best independent cinema, and movies made for and by young people.

Recent trends in art, as well as emerging cinema, get discussed at the Torino (Turin) film festival. It is a key meeting spot for contemporary cinema from the whole world. It addresses mostly young filmmakers.

These highly acclaimed festivals impact the local film industry too. Plus, they impose high standards for production services in Italy.

The History Of The Venice International Film Festival

The history of Italian cinematography leads way back in the days of the Lumiere brothers. While cinemas were operating from 1896, the film industry here had a real boom around1914. Movie production and storytelling were truly blooming at that time. Sources claim the contemporary feature film was created by Italian screenwriters. So, even production services in Italy have a history that goes beyond the naked eye.

A prolific film industry made way for celebratory events, such as festivals. One of the most prestigious ones in Italy is the Venice International Film Festival. It is also considered the oldest film festival in the world, dating back to 1932. The first edition took shape under the auspices of some relevant public figures. These included the President of the Biennale, Count Giuseppe Volpi di Misurata. To him, the sculptor Antonio Maraini and Luciano De Feo joined. After 1935, it became a tradition, an unmissable annual event.

Nowadays, the Venice Film Festival presents annually a selection of world-class films. The red carpet brings together the most successful directors and actors of our time. Glamorous and classy, the location of the festival remains Lido di Venezia. The festival is part of the Venice Biennale, one of the world’s oldest exhibitions of art.