Our team acts as a fully-fledged production company in Italy. While our fixers can autonomously arrange locations, access and general production help, we are able to hire extra crew and sort logistics on project-based assignments.

The main benefit about working with us is that our fixed costs are zero since everyone in our team works on a freelance basis. Our contacts around the country help us deliver in a similar way to any production company in Italy, but at lower costs.

Location Scouting

With suitable filming locations spread all around the country, our Italian fixers can get access & permits anywhere from The Piedmont to Sardinia and Sicily.

We have thorough knowledge of getting filming permits and managing small or average-scale productions.

Crew Sourcing & Equipment Hire in Italy

There are a number of local providers that supply quality kit for production crews. The equipment generally needs to be shipped from bigger cities like Rome & Milan. Our Italian fixers are generally able to get decent local rates through their contacts among suppliers.

Given the number of productions that have chosen Italy as a filming location in recent years, the availability of English-speaking cameramen, soundmen and other crew members is quite high. The work ethics tends to be similar to anywhere else in Western Europe. All crew members have a background in working with both international crews and production companies in Italy.

Assistance for Foreign Journalists Covering Italy

Our Italian fixers have extensive knowledge in doing reports for international media. Whether it is a remote village, a high official or a well-known singer, our network of contacts across the country can generally get access and book interviews with relative ease.

Our production fixers can also help with doing the initial research and fact checking.

Production Support for Commercials & Film

Through our film fixers, we can put together small crews and logistics for project-based assignments. We work in a similar way to a fully-fledged production company in Italy.

We have extensive knowledge in setting up shoots around the country and our local service suppliers have previously been vetted.