Italy Fixers: Local Support for International Media & Production Crews 

Italy Fixers is a local network of TV & film professionals working with international journalists & crews across Italy. We offer general production assistance & location management directly and source other production services through trusted local partners.

Our Italian production and film fixers have a thorough international experience and we can prove this through references.

Italy Fixers is an integral part of Storytailors, a network providing service production around the world.

The production services we provide include:

General production assistance (TV & film fixers) in Italy for international crews and journalists

Crew & kit sourcing: hiring cameramen, sound engineers and others at affordable rates in Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin and all around the country

Location management: location research and permits for filming in Italy

Our Italian fixers are versatile and thus can cover a number of production roles including:

Local production assistant

Production manager

Location scout/manager

Most of our production and film fixers in Italy are based in Rome. However, our network spreads all around the country, from Milan and Turin to Sicily and Bari. Therefore our fixers are able to sort logistics, access and locations all around Italy.

We are always happy to help anyone doing media coverage or filming in Italy. Our team of fixers is happy to provide initial advice and research free of charge and our fees are always negotiable.

Production Services

General production assistance

Our production fixers in Italyare a one-stop-shop for any requirements.

Support for international journalists

Fact checking, research, setup for news coverage, access to contributors.

Film production

Budget solutions film directors & documentary producers.

TV commercials

Locations, logistics and crew sourcing through local partners.

Location scouting & filming permits

Our Italian fixers can get filming permits and gain access to places throughout the country.

Equipment rental& crew sourcing

Local kit hire& crew sourcingin Rome, Milan and all aroundItaly.

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