Breathtaking mountain scenery up north, thousands of years of history in Rome, superb Mediterranean coastline and islands. Italy is certainly the dream location in terms of stunning backdrops for any director. Filming in Italy generally implies rates comparable to other Western countries. However, its exceptional options (landscape diversity, availability of professional crew, film-friendly authorities) turn its slightly high production cost into a worthwhile investment.

Authorities have always been very supportive to movie and TV/commercial crews. Filming in Italy is overseen by The Italian Film Commission (IFC), but also a number of smaller regional commissions.

The 25% tax rebate helps reducing some of the costs and adds to the generally good value for money that producers can get in Italy.

Access for Foreign Journalists

Filming in Italy as part of news reports and getting interviews as a journalist is quite easy. Although some institutions may be slow in replying, the staff tends to be professional and open to media.

Our fixers in Italy generally recommend giving two weeks for officials to reply to press inquiries.

The World Press Freedom Index ranks Italy 46th in the world. By comparison to other Western countries such as Norway and Germany, Italy still has some work to do.

Filming Permits in Italy

Filming in Italy is not regulated by a central body and permits are discussed on a case by case basis.

Our Italian fixers usually need about two weeks to get filming permits sorted. Their cost depends on the size of the crew and place. Authorities are generally flexible and some allow for the permit payment to be done after the shoot.

Very popular locations such as historic landmarks would charge 4-digit amounts for a day of shooting. Meanwhile, lesser-known locations are available for cheaper or even free of charge.

The Italian Tax Rebate for Film Productions

Local authorities incentivize filming in Italy by offering a 25% rebate for qualifying production costs. The Italian Film Commission offers guidance for the cashback process.